What’s in the (Stuffed) Shell?

When you search for “restaurants near me,” you get a lot of results. But when you want to go out for a special occasion, picking the right restaurant is important. For example, Father’s Day is this weekend, and what better way to show Dad that you appreciate him than by going to a great local restaurant? And Italian food is always the right thing to share with family. Our menu at Tammaros’ Cucina is full of delicious dishes that are inspired by recipes handed down through generations. One of those dishes, which we think is perfect for Father’s Day, is Papa Nick’s Stuffed Shells.

Let’s dig in to one of our favorite pasta dishes.


Shells are young pasta.

Different regions in Italy have their own traditional type of pasta that they have been making for centuries. Shell pasta, or conchiglie, is different. It is not the traditional pasta of any Italian region because it was not made until the 1930s. Despite being a newcomer to the pasta scene, shells are popular with diners and a favorite among chefs, especially the large shells, called conchiglione.


They come in three sizes.

It’s not a surprise that the name conchiglie comes from the Italian name for seashell, conchiglia. Usually, the shells come in three different sizes. The smallest size is called conchiglette, or “little shells.” These miniature shells work well in soups or covered in thinner or oil-based sauces. The medium-sized shells, conchiglie, go best with meat sauces or ragus. The shell holds chunks of meat or vegetables and delivers a delicious combination of flavors and textures. 

When it comes to making stuffed shells, you want the big ones, the conchiglione. You can easily fill the large shells with meat, vegetables, and cheese. Jumbo shells also bake well and make a delicious dish for family gatherings. When we make Papa Nick’s stuffed shells, we fill them with ricotta and then cover the shells in our Italian Gravy. Mozzarella and parmesan top off this tasty creation.

Celebrate Father’s Day at Restaurants Near Me

No plans yet for Father’s Day? Stop searching for “restaurants near me” and come to Tammaro’s Cucina! Try Papa Nick’s Stuffed Shells or any of our other delicious dishes. And don’t forget one of our homemade desserts!


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