Restaurants In Litchfield Celebrate National Wine Day!

We love a glass of wine with dinner, and this is something all restaurants in Litchfield can agree on! However, if you’re looking to celebrate National Wine Day the right way, visit Tammaro’s Cucina for an authentic taste of la dolce vita con vino! Here are some reasons we love pairing our authentic Italian food with a glass of wine!

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But First, Vino!

Even if your family isn’t Italian, you’ve probably enjoyed a large pasta dinner surrounded by family and friends with a bottle of wine (or two!). Either way, wine is always a beverage of choice for special occasions and family gatherings. Yet, wine wasn’t always the beverage of choice at the dinner table. 

Initially, wine was considered the only choice before the Renaissance, as most water and milk products contained bacteria. While this may sound like a dream existence – who doesn’t want to drink wine all the time? – the wine itself was nothing more than fermented fruit, and according to one article, it “was vile, nasty stuff”! 

Luckily, today’s version of wine has plenty of flavor, and its robust palette is much more enjoyable with dinner!

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A Glass of Wine A Day…

No, a glass of wine doesn’t reap the same health benefits as eating an apple a day. Yet, red wine is proven to benefit in some ways! According to one study, red wine is shown to have a variety of health benefits, including anti-inflammatory benefits and lipid-regulating effects, thanks to its main ingredient: red grapes! Grapes are also a relatively rich source of resveratrol, a natural antioxidant in the skin of grapes. The best benefit of all, however, is how well wine pairs with Italian food!

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Enjoy a Glass of Wine At Local Restaurants in Litchfield

Enjoy a glass of wine at Tammaro’s Cucina! Our restaurant has it all, from authentic family recipes and fresh herbs to the finest ingredients available. There’s no better place than Tammaro’s when it comes to Italian food, good wine, and wine with friends!

Visit Tammaro’s Cucina today and experience authentic Italian sauces like no other! For larger parties and family get-togethers, check out our catering menu