No Need to Search “Food Near Me” on October 17th!

Mark your calendars for Monday, October 17th, as we welcome you to join us in celebrating National Pasta Day! As an authentic Italian restaurant, we take pride in our pasta by using only the freshest and best quality ingredients. If you’ve been searching “food near me” in hopes of finding some hearty pasta dishes, we’ve got you covered!


Pasta Facts

The story of the original creation of pasta is still up for debate. But we can at least accurately date it back to the 12th century when it was introduced by the Arabs in Sicily. However, the pasta dishes we think of today weren’t always savory. Originally, it was sweeter as the Arabs used ingredients like raisins and cinnamon.

There are many different types of pasta we’ve come to know and love over the years. But what if we told you that there are actually over 310 varieties of pasta? Yes, that’s right, over 310. Most of us are probably used to the more common types like macaroni, linguine, spaghetti, penne, and many more. But next time you’re at the grocery store, branch out by picking a new type of pasta to try! 


Explore the Pasta-bilities at Tammaro’s!

After all this talk about pasta, we’re hungry! It’s a good thing we have the perfect solutions cooking right up off our menu. Let’s highlight some of our favorite pasta dishes you can indulge in on October 17th or any day of the week!


Nana’s Famous Pasta & Meatballs

Choose from spaghetti, penne, or ziti in our delicious Nana’s Famous Homemade Gravy. We top it off with two of our large homemade Italian meatballs and a bit of parmesan cheese. This is a dish sure to make you miss your nonna’s cooking!


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Aunt Jackie’s Chicken Parm With Spaghetti

Enjoy a thin chicken cutlet covered and fried in Italian breadcrumbs. The cutlet is then topped with our homemade marinara sauce, 6 Italian cheeses, mozzarella, and fresh basil. Let’s not forget the spaghetti; that’s what October 17th is all about, after all!


Chicken Marsala With Linguine

Indulge in the flavors of our homemade Marsala wine cream sauce paired with fresh mushrooms and parsley. This linguine dish is topped with juicy chicken breast covered and sauteed in our seasoned flour. This slightly sweet yet savory dish is certain to satisfy any pasta lover. 


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Let the Search for “Food Near Me” End at Tammaro’s Cucina 

If you love pasta like us, we want you to come celebrate National Pasta Day at Tammaro’s Cucina! If pasta isn’t your thing, no worries. We have a variety of other delicious selections from our menu you can view online. With your choice of takeout, catering, or dining in, there’s no wrong place to enjoy our authentic Italian food!


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