Delving Into 3 Popular Italian Sauces

With any cuisine, variations occur between regions and chefs. That said, when searching for a true ethnic experience, you may find authentic cuisine a bit harder to find. As one of the best Italian restaurants in Litchfield, our family at Tammaro’s Cucina is here to make the search a bit easier.

We proudly craft our meals on family recipes from the heart of Italy. Whether the main course or a dessert, everything from our kitchen is true Italian food – including our sauces. Which leads us to an interesting conversation – authentic sauces. Here is a closer look at three of the most popular Italian sauces and what makes them stand out.



For most, when you think of an Italian pasta dish, red sauce is the first to pop into mind. Sure, a true Italian gravy is tomato-based and contains many of the same ingredients that you’ve become accustomed to. The difference lies with the addition of meat drippings. Taking a good portion of the day to cook, Italian gravy provides a more in-depth and flavorful experience than most tomato sauces.


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Second on the list of popular Italian sauces is alfredo. Depending on the chef and audience, this authentic sauce comes with several variations. For example, most alfredo sauces are cream-based with the addition of spices, herbs, and cheese. However, depending on the region of Italy and the crowd served, there are also alfredo recipes that completely eliminate the cream. Using freshly grated cheese, butter, and reserved pasta water, one can obtain the same thick creamy goodness that millions have come to enjoy!


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Served with chicken, piccata sauce is next on the list. This sauce is light yet full of flavor with a white wine base combined with freshly squeezed lemon juice, butter, fresh parsley, and capers. If you’re looking to mix things up a bit, this sauce complements veal as well!


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At Tammaro’s Cucina, we believe in everything fresh. Here, we create our homemade sauces from authentic family recipes, fresh herbs, and the finest ingredients available. And while we are not located in Italy, we are the best when it comes to Italian restaurants in Litchfield!


Stop by and visit Tammaro’s Cucina today and experience authentic Italian sauces like no other around!